Eastover Retreat Center - Eastover provides programs, services and facilities encouraging a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
A Note From the Manager

 Since 1972 when the Peninsula Baptists purchased these 283 acres in Surry County, VA, Eastover has served as a place of retreat for church groups seeking God’s guidance and as a host for organizations conducting summer camps.  Eastover is a meeting ground where life-changing decisions are encouraged.  We continually endeavor to make Eastover a place where God is welcome to speak to His people.

 Throughout the Bible, God spoke to individuals who were away from the hustle of life.  At times individuals intentionally withdrew to seek God’s guidance and feel His presence, especially when faced with a divine task.  Jesus even retreated to Gethsemane to pray before being arrested.  The Father gave Jesus the tremendous challenge of being the sacrifice individuals need to be saved, and Jesus sought a spiritual retreat in Gethsemane in which communication with the Father brought love and support. Likewise, it is necessary for us today as individuals and as churches to understand the significance of spiritual retreating and camping.  Individuals from groups grow closer to God while bringing unity to the group and growing closer to each other.  Often, salvation experiences take place at camp.  Eastover provides the lodging, meeting space, meals, scenic farm life, and recreational areas for organizations to conduct such retreats. 

 Eastover is located in rural Surry County, Virginia.  It has a breathtaking view of the James River from a 100-foot elevation above sea level, and the terrain is made up of one-half mile of beach, 283 acres of woods, lake, ravines and fields.

 Eastover is owned and operated by the Peninsula Baptist Association, but guests do not have to have any affiliation with Baptist life.  We are open to assisting all Christian groups with their retreat needs.  We thank you for your involvement at Eastover and hope you'll stop by for a visit.  

Eastover Management

601 Eastover Drive, Spring Grove, VA 23881
757-294-0073 fax

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