Eastover Retreat Center - Eastover provides programs, services and facilities encouraging a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
Friends of Eastover
 Eastover Retreat Center is a wonderful place to encounter God's presence.  The fields and forests, the bountiful wildlife, the beautiful shoreline along the James River, and even the starlight of an evening sky testify to the greatness of the God who has created this special place for us to enjoy.  All these things, along with Eastover's spacious accommodations, provide guests with the opportunity to sense the Lord's presence in a relaxed and winsome environment.
 In order to enhance and strengthen those kinds of experiences, we need your help.  We want to upgrade our facilities so that they will be more spacious and attractive.  This includes improvements to both the buildings and the grounds at Eastover.  We also want to provide scholarships for young people who would not otherwise be able to attend summer camps.  We want to help them discover the beauty and majesty of the creation and to be drawn into a life changing relationship with the One who created it.  That's why the Friends of Eastover was established many years ago, and that's why we would like to invite you to join this organization.  As a friend of Eastover you can provide invaluable assistance in one or all of three ways:
 1. Telling others about Eastover and inviting them to visit the retreat center
 2. Serving as a volunteer who can assist with building projects and maintenance 
 3. Making a monthly or one time gift to help Eastover improve/maintain its facilities 
     and/or provide scholarship assistance.
     (All financial contributions are deductible for income tax purposes).
 Your support is essential.  Without it Eastover cannot fulfill its God given mission of providing programs, services, and facilities where people can have  life-changing encounters with Christ.
Volunteer Groups
Volunteer Groups
If your church group is looking for an area to volunteer, Eastover welcomes volunteers.
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